Double Tribute Show in Bexley this weekend.

All ready for this saturdays double tribute show.

Hi everybody, I have a double tribute show in London tomorrow night so I thought I would get everything prepared in advance. I will add an update to this blog in a day or two. As you can see from the image above is my Elvis and One Man Beatles show costumes I will be wearing.

Great homemade Elvis stage made by ex carpenter Doug for Saturday nights performance.

What a great Elvis party it turned out to be (review on the testimonial page)  . The party was a treble celebration for a wonderful couple Janet Windsor and Douglas Windsor, within the space of a week they celebrated their 70th and 71st birthdays respectively and also their 50th wedding anniversary. The celebrations were made even more special as Janet has recently battled and WON her fight against cancer and at this very moment they are flying off to Spain on a wonderful holiday present by their son and daughter. Before Doug retired he was a London carpenter and he made this wonderful stage to perform my Elvis Beatles Show at the bottom of the garden .

It was a glorious evening in London that night. The show included two Elvis sets separated by my one man Beatles show. My first set began at 8pm where I performed in the white Elvis Aloha jumpsuit, because it was a party I decided to come out to “Viva Las Vegas” to get everybody into the party mood early on. Ive had this conversation with many fellow tribute artists on this subject, and the start of parties or weddings can sometimes be the hardest as everybody has just arrived and not warmed up to the procedings. Once everybodys had a drink and the light fades people “come out of their shells ” so to

Janet Windsor who was a lovely lady made us feel very welcome and made us refreshments while we were setting up prior to the show. We arrived early which I always prefer, there is nothing worse than arriving to set up after the party has started. She loved her music and with her friends danced and sang the night away.

My second set came on around 9.30pm and by now the light was fading creating real atmosphere on the stage with my LED lighting flashing away. The second set was my Beatles show, see everyone twisting to the great music hit ” Twist and Shout” was great to see. I could see the audience had really warmed up to the evening and was ready for my young Elvis set which began at 11pm. The whole evening was planned to finish in a New Years Eve style finish as that is when Doug’s birthday began on Sunday. It was a busy set for myself but it was very enjoyable for such nice people. A really special night out !!!

Elvis is in the Garden !!!!!

To hire my Elvis Tribute Show or Beatles Show at your party please visit my parties page   .

Elvis Fun In Acapulco

elvis moviesHi Elvis Fans from around the world. After Mexico’s great success against Germany in the football world cup, I thought we would have a blog on Elvis Presley’s 1963 movie Fun In Acapulco and some of my  Tribute contributions based around this movie.

A movie from when Elvis was at the peak of his powers in the music charts and sell out viewing figures to his Hollywood movies the story was about Elvis coming to terms with the death of his brother after dropping him in a flying trapeze circus act. The movie had a very famous co star female actress  also famed as a James Bond girl Ursula Andress.

Elvis girl
Elvis and Ursula Undress

People often ask me how I got into Elvis and Elvis Presley’s movies obviously played a big part. I remember being off school during the summer holidays watching these movies on BBC1. This film was one of my favourites with great songs such as “Bossa Nova Baby” and Espanic songs like ” Marguerita”.

I love doing songs from this movie and love wearing a replica matador costume that Elvis wore in this film.

    Myself doing an Elvis at The Movies Tribute

Some interesting facts watching this movie was that Elvis used  a stunt double in this movie, in the scene where he is practicing his high dives from the swimming pool diving board it is very obvious that it wasnt Elvis. A funny I would say cheesy moment from this  movie was that when Elvis made his big dive at the end of the film he came out of the water without a hair out of place.

Elvis singing Bossa Nova Baby

     Chris Field  at The Movies

These more detailed  Tribute numbers I  perform to  are dedicated to the real Elvis Fans who appreciate our reproductions to the King Of Rock n Roll. I hope you have enjoyed this  Blog and please feel free to contribute by making your comments.


Elvis to Rock No48 Bexhill Again

Hi everybody,a quick update that tomorrow I am performing my Elvis Show at one of my favourite venues again No 48 in Bexhill On Sea East Sussex. The owner has kindly had me performing there for a number of years now. I am currently suffering from a heavy cold but the weather is warm so hopefully I will feel better tomorrow. As a singer a cold is your worst nitemate, plenty of honey and I find Night Nurse is the most effective remedy plus plenty of water and fluids. Ill add to this post later in the weekend.

Elvis at the quirky live music venue

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday, last night at No 48 in Bexhill East Sussex was a great night. I performed away from my normal rules but singing two rock music Elvis sets from the early 1960s. I usually perform a 1970s Las Vegas set during the evening but I took into account I was feeling under the weather and you need to exert a lot of energy and punch for that set so I decided to unfortunately omit it from the evenings action. During the 1970s Elvis Presley actually used to lose close on 6 pounds (13 KGs) per performance. The first set was my Elvis GI Blues shows followed by a new show based on The Blue Hawaii movie from 1961. This era of Elvis’s music probably suits my vocals the most with hits such as “Return To Sender, Devil In Disguise” getting everybody up earlier than normal dancing to Rock n Roll.

Gi Blues at No48 East Sussex. Kindly donated by Ron Martin who was in the audience that night.

The second set included all the great hits from the famous Elvis Movie Blue Hawaii from 1961. Great dancing tunes such as “Rock a Hula Baby and I was always True to You” mixed with sensational ballads like “Cant Help Falling In Love” and “Hawaiian Sunset” a small selection from a few. Many ladies received their Hawaiian Garland and a kiss from myself, Great Entertainment!!!

Blue Hawaii
Elvis in an improvised changing room. The reality for the majority of Tribute Acts on the circuit is a changing room with poor lighting, little room and no mirror.
Tribute Act
Elvis with an admirer

Ive got another booking as Elvis at this great live music venue in Bexhill East Sussex on November 17th cant wait!!!!                           

Elvis Aloha From Hawaii – Elvis Tribute Acts Ultimate Dream.


Elvis January 14th 1973 Performing The Aloha From Hawaii Special

Hello Elvis Fans from around the world. One of most popular moments of Elvis Presley’s career for Elvis Impersonators is his “Aloha From Hawaii” concerts from January 1973. Many Elvis Tribute Acts love reinacting this show as one of their high moments of their performing careers. To sing these great songs, to recreate the charisma from these shows and wear the iconic Aloha suit there is nothing better! I use backingtracks (music without the voice) from a company by Golden Voice 

when I perform my Aloha From Hawaii Shows.

The backingtracks I use for my Elvis Aloha From Hawaii Show

The idea for the show was declared in July 1972 followed by a Col Tom Parker Press Conference in September 9th 1972 in Las Vegas. Elvis himself attended a press confrence in November 20th 1972 to promote the show.

Elvis at The November 20th Press Conference to promote the forthcoming Aloha from Hawaii Show.

There were two shows at The Convention Center in Honolulu Hawaii USA. The first was a rehearsal show on January 12th 1973 followed by the January 14th 1973 show which was broadcasted to over a billion people around the world. Elvis lost 25 pounds of weight for the show and was confident after the sucess of his recent documentary Elvis On Tour.

Aloha Suit
Myself wearing The Aloha Suit

Below is a picture of Elvis’s actual handwritten  songlist for his show from January 14th 1973


Elvis Songlist

I love performing this show. Here are a few videos from my Aloha From Hawaii Show