End of Summer for my Elvis Shows

Hi everybody,

Been a very busy spell for myself as an Elvis tribute Act at present. Had a great night at Warden Springs Caravan Park. Please check out my facebook page for latest videos etc kindly filmed by people at the venues Ive performed at https://www.facebook.com/chris.field.391  .

The summer is drawing to a close, first I would like to thank everybody who has hired my act, had some smahing gigs this year long may it continue.

Elvis at warden Springs Holiday Park Sheppey Kent.

Ive just returned from a show (Friday 31st Aug) at a nursing care home in Rochester Kent Friston House. The elderly ladies love their bit of Elvis !!!!!

Saturday evening I am the whole entertainment at a wedding in Ealham Kent. I am starting off as a Andy Williams Tribute then followed by my new act as a One Man Beach Boys Tribute which I am pleased as punch with. Also I will be the MonoBeatle which is my one man Beatles Tribute Show. After 9pm my full Elvis Tribute show, really looking forward to this broad menu of entertainment I am offering my clients.

Next week dont forget are my Theatre Shows in Herne Bay Kent with my good friend and fellow Elvis Impersonator Johnny Reel from Norway.

Elvis live at Warden Springs

One last mention on my previous blog about my new sound system . The RCF Art 745 speakers which cost £1000 each sounded great and I now have that extra bit of power at big loud gigs without compromising sound quality you get with  cheaper music systems. My public liability insurance was renewed this week as safety is always paramount at my shows.


Chris Field as Elvis (Latest newsfeed )

Hi everybody, hope you are enjoying the Bank Holiday. The cooler weather is helping with performances now. Yesterday I wore my Spanish Flower Elvis jumpsuit and the belt was starting to slip around the waist. This is testimony to the amount of weight you can lose as an Elvis Tribute Act during the hot summer months.

Ive had a cracking weekend and topped it off by purchasing two new speakers to supplement my sound system. they are RCF Art 745s.

Music Sound
My new speakers to be used in my live performance venues.

These speakers are full of the latest modern state of art digital technology to deliver the best clarity of sound. I am very much looking forward to receiving these and they may be in operation at my next Elvis Show at Warden Springs Caravan Park this coming Wednesday.

Last Thursaday I visited Herne Bay Little Theatre to liase with Philip Robinson who is the chief lighting technician at our forthcoming Elvis Shows on September 7th and 8th with Norwegian Elvis Tribute Act Johnny Reel. Im am hoping to deliver something diffrent this year as a stage production on which is my eigth successive year performing at this theatre.

elvis tribute show
Me singing to Sweet Caroline at Herne Bay Little Theatre Kent

Friday nights Elvis Night at The K2 Indian Restaurant went down great. a lovely venue with lots of Elvis music lovers. I also sang some other numbers from other artists at the end of the night and one gentleman gave me a £40 tip which was very much appreciated.

restaurant Indian
Lovely venue near Eastbourne East Sussex Elvis Tribute Night at The
K2 Indian Restaurant. Note my speaker on the right of picture near the plant lol.

Saturday I was in Chiswick West London. I performed for the Indian community who love the music of Elvis Presley. I was scheduled to finish at 10pm but the DJ did not have any disco lights ??? so I said Id stay on longer so there was disco lighting.

Looking ahead to new Years Eve I am again performing at The Sino Chinese Restaurant. This will be Elvis from 9-10pm , 10pm – 11pm a disco, 11pm -11.30 pm Beatles and The Beach Boys Tribute performed by myself then 11.30-late seeing in 2019. Lots to look forward to.





Some performances over the years (photos update)

Hi everybody, I hope you are well ,once again this weekend Im performing Elvis Tribute at a private party in London this weekend. Last weekend went great and the tribute acts went down great. its always nice to offer other services to add to the Elvis if required. Seeing as it is a private event this week I thought id post some photos from events gone past and share the great memories with you. After this weekend we are back on public engagements so I will blog updates on this shortly. I hope you enjoy some of these photos.

party music
Always nice to get the partygoers to singalong
residential housing complex
1968 Comeback Special at a party in Dover Kent
Wedding King
More singalong with my good friend Terry. Making a good recovery from open heart surgery. This guy loves his Elvis and comes to many of my events and books me for private partys. I am performing as Elvis at his daughters wedding in Essex next month.
elvis theatre sussex
Myself performing a 1950s Elvis tribute at Seaford Little Theatre 2012 in Seaford East Sussex. The theatre runs over an underground river. Unfortunately this meant electrical works were being undertaken due to this river effecting wiring  during this Elvis Show which restricted our lighting options. It still was a fantastic night though.
1066 country hastings party
Great party from my hometown in Hastings Old Town August 2017
Earliers party from 2009. I remember this singalong with this guy. Elvis night St Albans Hertfordshire. The costume I was wearing here was from Elvis Presleys comeback to las Vegas in 1969.
Elvis Las vegas surrey
From a Las Vegas Party in Surrey in 2015. parties are fun for performer and partygoers alike.


New Year Eve Party
Last shot on this blog was from New Years Eve Hastings 2013. Was a great night and I remember it well for loading the car up that night in a monsoon like rainstorm. My girlfriend and I got absolutely drenched !!!!

Big Elvis Party in Catford in the capital this weekend

Hi everybody, after weeks of performing Elvis in temperatures of 30 degrees celcius there is some welcome relief from some cooler conditions. Over the years I have had repeated Elvis bookings from families for parties they stage.

One such family is the Groombridge family from Catford London. I performed at a house party for them 10 years ago and have been booked by them many years since. This weekend they are hosting another party and they love their Elvis so much they want to spring a suprise for some family members coming over from Australia with The King of Rock and Roll at the nearby Perryvale Public House.

Elvis London
Chris Field as Elvis at The Groombridge Party London Dec 2010

The Groombridge Family live life to the full and their biggest love is live music. Vonnie Groombridge is the big Elvis fan and always demands I wear one of Elvis Presleys famous Rhinestone suits. Its lucky I have two wardrobes of Elvis Tribute costumes which I have amassed over the years. A few years ago I performed at a the Perryvale Club for the Groombridge family and the occasion was brilliantly captured on film which was marred by a power cut. The lights went out at 9pm and didnt return all evening which meant a reschedule. But the video is amusing take a look !!!

Above video lights go out for Elvis Impersonator in London

This weekend I will do my full Elvis show but also my Beatles Tribute too as they love the Beatles. I may also do some new tribute acts I am currently learning. These acts will become available shortly and Im very much looking forward to adding these to my repertoire live music shows. I feel very blessed to have such a broad vocal range which allows me to sing most songs and music. Live music has to a certain extent taken a bit of a bashing in recent years due to modern in house entertainment and technology but I feel and hope things will turn around full circle which is good for live music and society alike.

Eight years at Herne Bay Little Theatre

Hi everybody,  it is now just five weeks away from my return to Herne Bay Little Theatre in Kent  for two nights of Elvis Double Bill Elvis Show with my good friend Johnny Reel from Norway.  Details of this show can be found on this blog link  https://www.elvis1066tribute.co.uk/norways-johnny-reel-kents-elvis-impersonator-chris-at-herne-bay-little-theatre-kent/  .

Herne Bay Little Theatre 2012 Singing “Let Us Pray” from the Elvis Movie Change of Habit.

This venue has been good to me with so many great audiences, memories and shows. I first appeared at HBLT in 2011. We did a single Elvis Tribute Night and didnt know what to expect. The show was a sell out and I remember it well performing in my Spanish Flower Elvis jumpsuit. One of the great songs we done that evening was the Elvis Gospel number “How Great Thou Art”. This is a great song and as a performing artist wish more of my events would allow me to sing these types of songs.

After a successful show in 2011, I returned to HBLT in 2012 following two successful theatre Elvis shows that summer in Sheerness and Seaford. I did have fears the years previous sell out wouldnt be repeated but it was. I really enjoyed my 1960s set that year which included me singing the Elvis hit “Surrender ”

2012 was a great year for myself as an Elvis Impersonator. When I first started out I was aware the market was saturated with fellow Elvis Impersonators, but I must have been doing something right as I was getting booked every week which was giving me confidence. I was spending long hours rehearsing new songs such as “First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” which I included in this show. This song was sung by Elvis Presley a lot from 1973 on.

In 2013 I returned to Herne Bay Little Theatre once again this time for two nights which was a first and also it was the first of my Elvis Double Bill with Kirk Kreole who also was a hit with the Herne Bay audience. I had a fair bit of banter with the audiences that year plus the development of the theatre lighting from lighting engineer Philip Robinson.

The two Elvis Tribute shows in 2013 were also sell outs so I had Kirk return with me in 2014 and 2015. Since 2013 the demand has required two nights and it is great to see followers return year after year to support my shows. In 2014 I had the theme from the 1963 Elvis movie Fun In Acapulco which was tailor made for my vocals.

The years seem to pass by quicker and quicker and it was soon 2015. I did a theme from Elvis,s 1970 documentary “Thats The Way It Is” and had a bit of fun with the audience that year.

I always like to keep my shows at HBLT fresh so I decided to introduce my new One man Beatles Show alongside my Elvis Tribute. 2016 was a fab year which I enjoyed very much. This Beatles Elvis promotional video was made exclusively from footage from these two nights in 2016.

In 2017 I went back to a double bill show ” Classic Vegas” with local singer Martin Farbrother who now performs his own shows at Herne Bay Little Theatre.

I hope to see you all there in 2018!!!



Elvis Parties in Kent this weekend.

Hi everybody. I hope you are all well, the cooler weather has arrived this weekend which will be a relief for performing Elvis Tribute Acts this weekend. Yesterday I performed my Elvis Tribute at the brain injury care home Hothfield Manor near Ashford Kent. on visiting I was made aware of what an important job the staff there do for people there who are recovering from traumatic brain injuries. For performer and audience alike temperatures of 32 degrees centigrade made it a very hot show but residents and  staff had a great time with me going through all Elvis Presleys hits. One gentlemen requested the early Elvis Sun Record song ” Im Left Your Right Shes Gone”. It was great to see him sing all the words correctly. I am back there again in late September by popular demand.

Cant beat a good Elvis Singalong!!!!

Tonight (Saturday) Im performing Elvis and Beatles Tribute in a lovely village called Ash near Margate Kent. Im performing in Ash Village Hall and looking at the venue looks tailormade for good music accoustics.

Here are some images from Saturday night

Elvis on Stage at Ash Village Hall in Kent
Elvis with a crowd of partygoers
The fab one followed Elvis