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“Multi-tribute act performer Chris Field can also offer to the customer three different tributes on the same night for the ultimate nights entertainment !!!!!!!!!!

elvis stage
Chris Field as Elvis live at The Bannatyne Spa Hotel Hastings East Sussex

This webpage highlights some of the different types of services provided  by Chris Field as Elvis and the variety of Elvis  Shows that he delivers, performed to a wide varied array of fans to Elvis Presleys music.

1. Theatre Shows. Chris Field as Elvis  has performed many theatre shows since 2011. He organises these events as a special treat to all his followers and Elvis fans to get a true illusion of what it must have been like to see the real Elvis live on stage. He is due to perform at Herne Bay Little Theatre in Kent this year (2018) for the eight consecutive year, a very popular show for theatregoers and theatre staff alike as well as for the performers.

elvis in kent
Myself in the 1969 Elvis Jumpsuit “The Cossack”

2. Elvis cabaret shows in restaurants. A popular trend is occuring for restaurants to provide Tribute Nights for their customers. Chris Field as Elvis is an experienced performer in restaurants and the services  provided will produce a fun packed night out for diners with an Elvis Show which will always end with people dancing the night away to hits such as “Blue Suede Shoes”. Chris can be found performing as a regular entertainer throughout London and the South East, especially popular in Indian Restaurants.

elvis cabaret
Chris Field as Elvis performing in an Indian Restaurant to a full house.
Great owner of Indian restaurant getting into the Christmas spirit.

3. Elvis Impersonator for Nursing Care Homes. Nothing gives Chris Field as Elvis more satisfaction than putting smiles onto the faces of the elderly. Chris first started out as singer in carehomes and he has never forgotten his roots. A different more laidback style of show focusing more on entertaining the ladies with a kiss and a hug or shaking a gentlemans hand for the majority of people who can no longer get out to watch a live music show. Chris has actually delivered The Queen’s congratulatory telegram to residents on their 100th birthday, from Queen to the King!!!!! Chris has performed for some of the biggest care companies such as BUPA, Four Seasons ,Barchester etc.

To watch Elvis Impersonator Chris Field perform at a nursing home please click on link

Read about myself as an Elvis Impersonator performing in nursing carehomes in this newsfeed article, please click on this link

I also possess a full CRB certificate which is becoming a legal requirement for any outside performer wanting to perform legally in carehome  enviroments.

Elvis Impersonator Chris Field getting every All Shook Up in a nursing home in Kent
carehome entertainment
Chris Field as Elvis getting the ladies excited at Emberbrook Care Home Surrey
hertfordshire essex surrey kent sussex nursing home show
Chris Field Elvis Impersonator in Hertfordshire Nursing Home garden party
Elvis Impersonator Bedside Visit
Some residents are too frail and poorly to attended organised show…so we come and visit them in their room and bring a smile to their face and make their day

4.Adults with Learning Difficulties love Elvis!!! Adults with learning difficulties often make the best audiences. Chris has worked for many charities such as MENCAP,  SENSE , Leonard Cheshire and many Gateway Clubs. These shows are great fun and very lively, always a pleasure to perform in, guaranteed to get everybody dressed up  Rockin and Rolling.

Adults with learning difficulties love Elvis Presley

 5. Weddings and Parties. Please visit the weddings and parties page on the website. The services provided by Chris Field as Elvis also include performing at  garden parties, Las Vegas Nights, charity events etc. Chris is also a regular performer in Golf Clubs, Social Clubs and Holiday Parks.